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» Popular Tourist Attractions in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is the Capital city of Tanzania, and hosts many tourist attractions; the city serves reflections of colonial architecture, complex streets, markets, beaches and historical buildings. This port city is along the East Coast of Tanzania, on a huge harbor on the Eastern Indian Ocean coast of Africa. Dar es Salaam a former fishing village turned into the biggest city in Tanzania. For the interest of tourists the city holds many attractions and sightseeing destinations like

The Botanical Gardens : It’s the home of Dar es Salaam's Horticultural Society. The oasis of indigenous plants and coco-de-mer palm tree, native to Seychelles is exhibited here. Established in 1893 and located next to the Tanzania National Museum.

National Museum : The Museum is located close to the Botanic Gardens, opened in 1940. This museum holds some of the famous fossil discoveries, with the well-known ‘Nutcracker Man'. Also historical displays on regional civilizations, slave trade and German and British colonial periods of Tanzania’s history are showcased. Makumbusho Village Museum: Makumbusho Village Museum displays Tanzanian traditional homes, representing 18 ethnic tribes. Visitors can walk through the homes, which include furnished huts, meeting places and cattle pens, and can view artists and craftsmen weaving, carving and painting. Traditional dances are held every Thursday and Sunday.

Kariakoo Market : It is the largest of its kind in East Africa. The market sells freshly caught fish, electrical goods, handicrafts, local textiles and strange items such as dried lizards and medicinal sea shells.

Nyumba Ya Sanaa : Known as the ‘House of Arts', a handicraft centre where young artisans congregate to work, display and sell their wares. Jewellery, textiles, pottery, etchings, paintings and carvings are all on display and available at very reasonable rates.

Mwenge Crafts Market : The Mwenge Crafts Market is a great place to get hold of traditional carvings by the Makonde tribe, who are justly famous for their representations of people and animals.

Also to visit are the famous places here in Dar es Salaam are the Coco Beach, Kigamboni, St.Josephs Cathedral and Karimjee Hall.