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» Karimjee Hall or House of Peace


Dar es Salaam or the “House of Peace” as it is known is the largest city of Tanzania. A regionally & economically important city, Dar es Salaam is also one of the popular tourist destinations of Tanzania.

Of the many attractions & places of interest that the city of Dar es Salaam houses, one of the major tourist attractions is the Karimjee Hall. Constructed way back in the year 1916 by the British Administration, the Karimjee Hall was meant to house the legislative council.

Later however, the building was presented by the Karimjee family to the Municipality of Dar es Salaam. Further on, in 1961 when Tanzania regained independence, the building came to be used as the nation’s House of Parliament.

At present, the Karimjee Hall is home to the City Mayor’s Parlor & is commonly used as the venue for conducting parliamentary meetings & other official functions. In the past also the stage has served as the venue for significant occasions like the swearing in of the first president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere. Owing to the use of the Karimjee Hall as the venue for such significant functions, it is regarded as one of the most historically important sites of Dar es Salaam.