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» Kipepeo Beach & Village


Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam is home to some of the most spectacular & unspoiled white sandy beaches. One such popular beach of Dar es Salaam is the Kipepeo Beach near the Kipepeo Village.

After a long tiring day in the scorching African sun, what you need is a cool respite & the Kipepeo beach offers you just that. Nothing can match the feel of the cool, gentle breeze against your hot skin & the stunning view of the beach

as offered by the Kipepeo village as soon as the sun starts setting behind the village.

The blue tranquil water of the Kipepeo beach seems to cool off the punishing glare of the sun as also the surrounding landscape. A perfect contrast to the dense African bushes, the Kipepeo beach captivates you with its unbound beauty & expanse.

While the beach bathes you in a relaxing tone, the Kipepeo village located just behind the beach is the ideal place to recline after a quick dip in the cool ocean water. All you need to do to make the best of your stay in this village is to find a place on the hammock on a balcony & get yourself a cool drink.

Owing to the close proximity of the village & the beach to the town, numerous tourists consider Kipepeo an ideal place to recharge & refresh after a long, tiring day in the city just 9 km from the beach.