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» Mikumi National Park in Dar es Salaam


Established in 1964, The Mikumi National Park is the fourth largest national park in Tanzania. It is indeed a heaven for animal or nature lovers. With the hold on rich flora and fauna, this National Park ideally stands as one of the most fascinating tourist places in the country, attracting thousands of visitors all year round.

Location: The Mikumi National Park is located in Mikumi, near Morogoro, Tanzania, covering the land area of about 3,230 sq km.

Many routes crossing Mikumi goes towards the Ruaha National Park that is another great attraction of the country.

Flora & Fauna: There is an incredible variety of flora and fauna in Mikumi National Park that certainly surprises visitors with its majestic natural beauty.

as the road crossing the park, divides it in two parts with totally different environments, the southeast part has less wildlife, which is not that accessible, while the other part includes alluvial plain of the river basin Mkata, due to which vegetation of this area consists of rich savannah dotted with tamarinds, acacia, baobab, and some rare palm.

The Fauna of this park is just unbelievable with numerous species characteristic of the African savannah. Commonly seen animals include - elephants, impales, eland, kudu, black antelope, wildebeests, gnu, baboons, etc. Located 5 km north of the park, there are two pools inhabited by hippos, where 400 different species of birds can be seen in the natural habitat.

How to Reach: From Dar es Salaam there is surfaced road going to Mikumi via Morogoro, which is almost 4 hour drive. There are some local buses running from Dar es Salaam to the park HQ.  Besides, there is also Charter flight from Dar es Salaam, Arusha or Selous.

Best Time to Visit: Although accessible year round, the best time to visit this park is July to October and January to February.

Accommodation: while here, visitors need not bother about accommodation. There are some excellent lodging options available at on the park border like - Two lodges; three luxury tented camps, three campsites and Guest houses.