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» Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve – Popular Scuba Diving Destination

Most of the dive sites in Dar es Salaam are located to the north of the city with a concentration of sites off Bahari Beach. The reefs are in good condition and there are several wrecks to visit. Dar es Salaam provides a good base for the novice diver and those with little time. For the experienced divers, Dar es Salaam has some of the most favorable and excellent conditions when the currents are not very strong. The sites available to dive in Dar es Salaam provide with an opportunity to see excellent diversity of marine life. The main draw is the large fish including giant guitarfish, large stingrays, moray eels and grouper.

Dar es Salaam Scuba Diving Sites :
  • Big T: This dive site extends from south to the North West, with rich coral life beginning at a depth of 15 meters. Currents are strong and present on the southern side.
  • Fungu Yasin: This dive site has an interesting reef which descends down from a depth of 14 meters down to 28 meters. Some diving areas here are prone to current while others are not.
  • Inner Shark: This dive site consists of a reef which is located between Mbudya Island and the dive site "Outer Shark". The depth is around 18 to 25 meters deep, with average visibility of 11 m.
  • Kankardia: This dive site has good visibility, shallow reef and consists numerous beautiful coral formations, and plenty of fish present makes it a very enjoyable scuba diving site.
  • Octopus: Located between Bongoyo and Mbudya, with a shallow reef of 10 meters of depth. A good Scuba Diving site, due to the shallow depths and the lack of current.
  • Outer Shark: Located in an area of strong currents, with plenty of colorful coral and fish life. Depth is 10 to 25 meters.
  • Schlammerstadt: This is a small wreck of Norwegian vessel which had a load of cement when she sunk. She lies in a shallow depth of 10 meters.
  • The Gap: Located near Bongoyo, between Bongoyo and Seacliff is a reef with numerous corals and interesting marine life.