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» The Village Museum in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Founded in 1967 by two anthropologists, Tom Wylie and Peter Carter, the Village Museum is one of the most fascinating tourist places, where visitors can spend glorious time with their friends and family while on vacation to Dar es Salaam. It is just an incredible place that showcases striking example of Tanzania’s tribal life.

There are many different houses, representing 18 different tribes of the country along with the sneak preview into their lifestyle. These traditional houses contain great artifacts representing the traditional paintings, huts, cattle pens, and meeting places along with the various pieces of arts by the artists and craftsmen. Besides, there are some gardens with indigenous plants, surrounding the museum, where tribal dancing takes place at weekends.

The Village Museum remains open daily from 9.30am-6pm. Still, the best time to visit include - Thursdays and Sundays, as on these days, visitors can view the exemplary presentation of cultural implications of the land through the Ngoma, traditional dances and various other cultural programs.

With such amazing attractions, the Village Museum of Dar es salaam stands as the most popular tourist spot in the country, attracting thousands of visitors all year round.